April 2014
Boom Time for Cargo Bikes
Boom Time for Cargo Bikes
Press Release For Immediate Release
The foundation of the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF) with over 140 registered members mirrors strong support from industry and user groups around Europe.
Nijmegen, April 14, 2014 –- More than 200 delegates from 25 countries got together at the second European Cycle Logistics Conference on Saturday April 12th in Nijmegen, Netherlands.
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April 2014
CYCLElogistics in the Press
CYCLElogistics in the Press
The CycleLogistics project is getting considerable media interest following the inauguration of the ECLF on 12 April 2014. See who's covering the story.
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April 2014
News from The European Parliament: Europe's green future runs on two wheels
Industry and government officials promote bicycles to deliver emission reductions
Europe's green future runs on two wheels
by Meghan Boggess 02.04.2014

As Europe goes green, members of the cycle and logistics industries say bicycles may be the answer.

Logistics companies, cycle organizations and EU institutions want to find a way to expand bicycle delivery to European cities. For the European Commission, this will help reach its goal of phasing out conventionally fueled cars by 2050 and reducing CO2 emissions from transportation by 60%.

The solution requires cities to work with government and industry officials, as well as companies, to find a way to better integrate bicycles into the cities' transportation systems.

Already, many logistics and delivery companies offer bicycle delivery services. In Amsterdam, DHL has been making deliveries by bicycle for the past 14 years. DHL saves around 20,000 km per bicycle, said Arne Melse, OPS Field Support Specialist for DHL. This is because bicycles have easier access throughout cities compared to trucks. According to Melse, 50% of "light good" deliveries in cities could be made using bicycles.
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Courier deliveries can be used to deliver smaller items, such as food, mail or small electronics. Because of this, logistics companies must offer both trucks and bicycles as part of their delivery services, said Nicolas Etienne, General Manager of Ecopostale, a Belgian logistics company. That way, customers can use one delivery company for both large and small items.

Several round table participants said that in the next year, their wish was that the EU institutions would begin working cycle logistics into legislation. Others said the infrastructure just wasn't there, and that the EU might be able to accelerate the use of couriers.

"I hope that the new parliament makes some very specific questions of the commissioner, the future commissioner of transport on his or her hearing, so we get some very specific commitments" said Mark Major, Policy Officer for Sustainable Urban Mobility at DG Move. "It would be great if the European institutions in Brussels could have a proper delivery and service plan."
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