Local Heroes

Meet our Local Heroes

Cargo bikes are used every day by thousands of individuals all over Europe. Individuals who found in cargo bikes a great tool to make their everyday errands simpler and more efficient. At CCCB (CityChangerCargoBike) we call these individuals Local Heroes.

Everyone can ride a cargo bike! Thanks to their great versatility, cargo bikes are ideal for a wide set of tasks, ranging from family logistics to running efficient and successful businesses.These individuals act as agents of change in local communities and introduce new people to the world of cargo bikes.

Do you have a cargo bike business, run your family errands on a cargo bike or use it for any other creative purpose? Contact us (a.reibold@ecf.com) to become a local hero and share your cargo bike story!

Local Hero Amor

Local Hero - Amor Mistiaen

Amor is 28 years old and runs a thriving local business; he sells and repairs bicycles! But not just in any repair shop. At the age of twenty, Amor started his business, Velofixer, with no shop or warehouse to store bicycles and pieces. He only had a cargo bike.

Local Hero - Barbara Bär

Local Hero - Barbara Bär

Barbara is a mother of two children, 42 years old, and works as a translator in Brussels. Six years ago, she decided to swap her family car for a cargo bike. With no regrets!

Challenge N2 with a Riese & Müller CargoBike Load75

N2 Challenge - From Chaves to Faro on a Cargo Bike

From November 25th to December 1st, a Lisbon based Bike shop (EBikeLovers) in collaboration with the bike brand Reise&Muller and a local athlete João Félix organised a cargo bike challenge that consisted of cycling from the Northern tip to the Southwestern tip of Portugal.


Veloccino - A Tasty Experience on a Cargo Bike

Florianne and Carlos, two young entrepreneurs from Belgium and Mexico, made use of the numerous ways to customize cargo bikes and with a bit of creativity turned it into a local start-up. Two years ago, they founded Veloccino, an eco-friendly coffee-bike business.

Inge Cargo Bike

Inge Upgraded her Cargo Bike

“We have had our cargo bike for two years now. It’s wonderful for transporting children with all their stuff. I had a special design made for my cargo bike, integrating the birth-cards of both my daughters. But I’m not the only one who loves our cargo bike: my oldest child understands very well what cycling is, and every time she sees a cargo bike, she wants to go for a ride.” - Inge Van Utterbeeck

Local Hero Joke

Joke Combines with Cambio

“Our Gazelle Cabby has been making us happy for seven years now. It’s our surrogate car, we us it together with the car-sharing system Cambio.” - Joke Tulleneers “With our cargo bike, we go fast as lightning!” – Floris and Merlijn © Photo Credit: City of Mechelen

Johan local hero

“It's easier by Bike”

Life as a beekeeper sounds easy-going but that could not be further from the truth. City-beekeeper Johan, better known as ‘the Nectartist’, needs to navigate through the city like a busy bee. From the moment he heard about Mechelen’s subsidy scheme for cargo bikes, things took off quickly.

Local Hero Bart

Local Hero - Hummus Amamamusi

Bart Suder is an entrepreneur and founder of Hummus Amamamusi!

Graz family

Solving family logistics

A love history that sparkled from a cargo bike. Check out the video of a family in Graz, Austria. "We have managed to get our own cargo bike and we use it in very different ways. Certainly to transport Arthur or moving to a new house with one cargo bike (or several) also works!"

Cargo Bikers Roaming the Streets of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Cargo Bikers from Vitoria-Gasteiz Share their Stories

Local Heroes in Vitoria-Gasteiz share their cargo bike experiences contributing to a more sustainable community life!

Connecting with the City

Connecting with the City

BiziBizi is a last-mile delivery company in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Their services are provided on environmentally-friendly JxCycle cargo bikes making the company the perfect ally of sustainable last-mile logistics in Vitoria-Gasteiz, all while reducing the number of vans on the streets. The BiziBizi riders feel that cargo bikes connect them with the city. In order to increase their use, they believe that it is essential to create dedicated infrastructure for cargo bikes and to improve the rules that regulate their circulation. Follow BiziBizi on Facebook.

Local Hero Vitoria Gasteiz

A Liberating Experience

ERAMAN is a company specialised in the distribution of goods, logistics and courier services recently founded in Vitoria-Gasteiz. They have decided to use cargo bikes as those vehicles offer the greatest freedom in a city. For Juan Latorre, co-founder of the company, it makes sense to use cargo bikes for his business as they can perfectly replace vans. And not only that! Aside from being a liberating experience, he has also seen how smiles are generated on the faces of passers-by when he rides his Omnium. For Juan, the deployment of the secure parking network for bikes (VGbiziz) would give a

Local Hero Anke

Anke’s Daughter Loves to ‘Cruise’

“It’s been a few months since we purchased our cargo bike and noo we go everywhere with the wind in our hair. My daughter took a while to adjust to it, but now she loves it, especially when we’re riding on cobblestones when she says ‘eeeeeeh’ the whole time. From the moment she gets into the cargo bike, she puts her arm on the side and she’s ready to ‘cruise’. I love my cargo bike!” - Anke Vermeulen © Photo Credit: City of Mechelen