Commons Cargobikes

Cargo bike sharing provides easy access to cargo bikes for those who only need one occasionally or cannot afford their own.

In 2013, the association „wielebenwir“ from Cologne started the commons cargo bike sharing project „Kasimir – your cargo bike“. Their donation-based concept of “free cargo bikes” can be used for up to three days and quickly became a popular movement across Germany as well as in some Austrian cities and Budapest.

More than 100 initiatives are listed on the free cargo bike movements webpage The movement has developed an open source booking software (the Wordpress Plugin „Commons Booking”) and several initiatives successfully run more than 10 or 15 sharing cargo bikes. In Berlin, the Free Cargo Bike system fLotte already runs 120 cargo bikes.

CCCB supports the association „wielebenwir“ to provide information and a film about the Free Cargo Bike movement and will promote this concept among European partners, municipalities and civil society across Europe.

For more information contact Hannes Wöhrle (wielebenwir e.V.) at