European Cargo Bike Industry Survey

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European Cargo Bike Industry Survey

Analysing growth and trends of cargo bike sales in Europe

The CityChangerCargoBike project established the annual European Cargo Bike Industry Survey to analyse the trends and growth of the European cargo bike market.

The survey collects sales data from cargo bike manufacturers. All responses collected through this survey will be anonymous and published in aggregate form only. The results will show:

  • the growth rate of cargo bike sales in Europe
  • the share of different cargo bike types: private and commercial use, with and without electric assist, with two-, three- and four-wheels.
  • the top national markets in Europe


Open now: 2. European Cargo Bike Industry Survey 2021 Survey Period 12 – 26 May

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The survey results of the second European Cargo Bike industry Survey will be published in June 2021 on this website. A press release with the survey results will be sent through the newsletters of and Cycling Industries Europe.



1. European Cargo Bike Industry Survey 2020

60 per cent market growth in 2019

38 different brands participated in the first European Cargo Bike Industry survey in May 2020, which showed an increase of 60% in cargo bike sales in 2019.

Results of the 1. European Cargo Bike Industry survey:





The survey is organised by the following CCCB partners:

Cycling Industries Europe (CIE)

Cracow University of Technology

European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF)



The survey defines a cargo bike as a bicycle with a higher than usual total maximum weight, which is specifically constructed for the transport of private or commercial goods or people. This includes, for example, postal bikes and rickshaws.

The survey is limited to cargo bike sales in the European Union, the UK, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and the Balkan countries.



The survey is conducted through a Google form. All data is anonymised and aggregated. The survey does not aim to collect the names of individuals or businesses and the data cannot be assigned to individual brands. The data is collected and aggregated by the CCCB research partner, Cracow University of Technology (prof. Vitalii Naumov, Department of Transportation Systems).


Project co-ordination: Arne Behrensen,,